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Join the revolution!

We believe that we are here to help each other.
We believe in love and partnership and community.

We believe that health is so important to our quality of life
that we need to share what we have discovered.
Hence this website.

We believe in quality and getting your money's worth.
We believe in organic and better than organic.
We believe in protecting the environment.
We believe that we desereve to have products that are free of contaminants
and we're willing to pay the price to have the peace of mind
knowing that we are part of the solution
not part of the problem.

Why choose America's #1 Natural Health Company?
  • 50 year history of nutritional science
  • ongoing research in their own R&D facility
  • 75 scientists on staff and working daily
  • independent science-based design research
  • their own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility
  • stringent, unyielding quality control from raw materials through manufacturing and packaging
  • resulting in superior products that retain live enzmes and phytonutrients
  • the actual products are clinically proven to be bioavailable
  • The Landmark Study showing the actual health results of these products
  • The First "Certified Climate Neutral" Company in the World
  • Our Heritage, Our Honor, Our Commitments
Unique from the beginning!

The Perfect Industry -  The Perfect Company
 The Perfect Products - The Perfect Time

maui sunset.jpg
Maui, Hawaii/John Korpi, photographer/click on photo for his website!